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About Us

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tel: 07941030831    

m&o.jpg       Hello We're Olly & Monty the Wapendogs!
     OK so we're the brains behind this operation!
     We keep the team physically and mentally fit.
     We're keen to explore new areas, so we pour over maps,
     planning new walks and new Wapenmaps.

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This is Scout, our new baby Wapendog brother!

..........However he is getting bigger than us!
He is training to be a Search and Rescue Dog for Mountain Rescue.
It is a lot of very hard work! Read all about it on his blog Scout Search and Rescue Dog


This is Alison    
Alison is the designer of the Wapenmap: stainless steel contoured map sculpture.
She graduated from the RCA in 1987, and has been working as a metalsmith ever since.
     You should see some of her other work at www.alisoncounsell.com
     She loves walking and we are very lucky to live very near the Peak District.
     She is fascinated by maps and mapping, so really enjoys expanding the Wapenmap range.

paul.jpg     This is Paul
     Paul is a writer.
     He is a member of Woodhead Mountain Rescue Team and will be training and working with Scout.
A volunteer ranger for the Peak District National Park.
     So he has great suggestions for the best Wapenmap areas and their featured walks.
He is a walking guide, guide book writer and has a great website www.paulbesley.blog