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Botanical Illustrations (3d)

tel: 07941030831
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A series of detailed Botanical Illustrations. Each floral seedling is created in stainless steel and mounted on parchment paper or illustrated soil cross section.
The black box frame and natural ash frame can be wall mounted or free standing.
Please note all Botanical Illustrations are individually hand drawn, so may vary slightly from image promoted.

If you order goods worth £12.00 or above, you will receive a free Map'n'lite. 
Orders for goods worth £50.00 above will receive a free Wapenmap.

Cosmos (single) £40
Cosmos £40
Dimorphotheca £40
Dimorphotheca £55
Epimedium £40
Epimedium £55
Linum £40
Linum £55
Rose (single) £40
Rose £40