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Yorkshire Dales

Kilnsey Crag & Wharfedale £20.00
Kilnsey Crag & Wharfedale £30.00
Malham Cove & Malham Tarn £20.00
Malham Cove & Malham Tarn £30.00
Pen-y-ghent  £20.00
Pen-y-ghent  £30.00
Swaledale & Muker  £20.00
Swaledale & Muker  £30.00
Wensleydale & Hawes £20.00
Wensleydale & Hawes £30.00
Yorkshire 3 Peaks  £20.00
Yorkshire 3 Peaks £30.00
Yorkshire Dales Colour Offer £150.00
Yorkshire Dales Offer £100.00
tel: 07941030831
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Established in 1954, the Yorkshire Dales National Park has stunning beauty a wide range of wildlife habitats and a rich cultural heritage. Its a place where time slows down and you can find yourself alone in a quiet peaceful dale with just the scenery to look at.

The Yorkshire Dales which covers 1,762 square kilometres of the National Park is located in the north of England, and stretches from West Yorkshire in the south, the central Pennines and in to the counties of North Yorkshire and Cumbria.

Easily reached from Manchester Leeds and Bradford while Kendal is to the west and Darlington to the east.  Consisting mainly of limestone dales where sheep farming is the main activity, the Yorkshire Dales is also a mecca for cavers who explore the network of caves and tunnels that lie beneath the Dales.

The cultural heritage of the Yorkshire Dales also includes famous foods such as Wensleydale cheese and of course the eponimous yorkshire pudding.  The valleys of Swaledale  Wensleydale  Wharfedale and Langstrothdale provide excellent walking whilst climbers are seen on most days scaling the limestone cliff at Malham Cove and Kilnsey Crag.  Major centres include Hawes  Horton in Ribblesdale  Muker and Grassington.

One of the toughest walks in Britain take place in the Yorkshire Dales.  The Three Peaks Challenge walk is 24.5 miles (39.2km) long and takes in 5,000 feet (1,600 metres) of climbing. The Three Peaks Challenge Walk is across a variety of terrains through moorland to crag and certain sections are very boggy and energy sapping. Traditionally, the walk must be completed within 12 hours.  Walkers book out and in again at the Pen-y-ghent Cafe in Horton-in-Ribblesdale, whilst at the same time availing yourself of the safety service there. If you complete the walk in 12 hours, and have used the antique clocking machine you will be invited to join the Three Peaks of Yorkshire Club.