Edgeland Work

My interest in walking has not only taken me journeying through beautiful countryside, but drifting through the edgelands, thetransitional, liminal areas of space to be found on the boundaries of country and city. These places feel transitionary. Scattered with decaying buildings which once had purpose, these places now wait for their next incarnation, not knowing when it will be. Fly-tippers have dumped undesirable goods from elsewhere to here, in the middle of the night. It feels ‘on the edge’, exciting, intriguing, full of narrative, fuel for the imagination. Nature seizes the opportunity to take the place back, plants growing around, over and through anything in its path.

 On my arrival in Sheffield 30 years ago, the edgelands had penetrated deep into the core of this dying industrial city. Over the following years, I’ve observed this liminal space everchanging, as new developments are slowly pushing the edgeland towards the edge again.

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